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Grill Wine Café is the bright new concept of dining venue, which envisions being the one-stop dining venue to serve your every need. The well-selected breakfast menu ranges from Western to Asian, from traditional to contemporary Khmer cuisine. Its great location makes GWC become the special meeting point that suitable for either your relaxed lunch schedule or quick bite of snacks with refreshing smoothies, frappe, coffee or tea providing an unparalleled dining experience. We extremely appreciate to all the supporters who rank us the number one on TripAdvisor as the best restaurant choice in Siem Reap.

Siem Reap Restaurant
Our paramount restaurant
Top class restaurant choice in Siem Reap
Indulge your dining time with Signature Romdoul flower, Cambodia 
The prominent set up
A fine-dining restaurant in Siem Reap
The eminent views
Best restaurant in Siem Reap
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Cambodian Red Chicken Curry

A lot of thing has changed since you said 'I DO' for the first experienced good food which exceeds all of your expectation with our Western to Asian from traditional to contemporary Khmer cuisine. Just TASTE us!
Our signature Cambodian Food
Cambodian Red Chicken Curry

Cambodian Grilled Spicy Beef

Looking for some different taste and interesting dining venue, here is the wise advise for you Grill Wine Cafe where the only dining setting in town along with the highest services standard with attentive and proficient. Let's enjoy our authentic dish here is what you crave for, right?
The Best one in Siem Reap
Cambodian Grilled Spicy Beef
Our Special Offer

The Grill Wine Café highly values customer’s privacy and their own spaces, every offer is thoughtfully created to assure a genuine value for money, yet delivering the topnotch products and services quality. And we proudly bring you 50% off for all 65 types Cocktail & Draft Beer from 6:00-8:00pm onward.
The special offers 
Wine Cellar

The spectacular wine cellar sparks the lights of old world charm dining atmosphere in the 60s, cellar provides a massive selection of new and old world wines as well as Champagne more than 100 kinds from major part of the world, again a great value for money. What about the smooth Chateau Camensac! Or Taittinger Brut Reserve from France! Oop, forget to mention another numerous types of beers and creative cocktails for his and hers to cheer you up after a dizzy days.
The Unique Red Wine

Siem Reap Catering

No matter if it your birthday, a romantic anniversary or a revel colleagues reunion, GWC team is well prepared to make it a great memory in a lifetime for you. Our dedicated catering team will mesmerize your dream to live. Be the first one to own this hidden charm venue before it becomes commercial for everyone, our teams attempt to ensure every worth moment will make your subtle dining turn to the wonderful ones.
Best off-premise in Siem Reap
The Birthday Cake
Best Cooking Class in Siem Reap
The Best Cooking Class
We on TripAdvisor

We, the Grill Wine Cafe team, the most vibrant dining venue, would like to profuse in our thanks to our valued customers who legitimately rank us the Best restaurant among the 626 dining venues in Siem Reap.

It’s our deservedly hard achievement to gain number 1 position on TripAdvisor by offering the ultimate happy experience to honorable guests.

We best restaurant in Siem Reap

Our Locations!

First Location - SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA

Address: No.54, Sivatha boulevard (Central City) Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Tel: +855 69 993 888


Second Location - KUCHING, SARAWAK

Address: Lot 2720, 1st Floor, Central Park Commercial Center, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, 93200 Kuching, Sarawak.Tel: +6082 413-551

E-mail: info(@)

Thank you so much for your attention!

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